Custom Floral Arrangments

The Good JuJu Austin Flower Farm aims to spread “good juju,” positivity, and creativity through our hands-on floral design services. All of our flowers that are grown and harvested for the farm-fresh bouquets are grown at the local Austin homestead and are cut the same day they are brought to market or assembled in your farm fresh arrangement. With several agriculture partners and acres of our own, the Good JuJu Austin Flower Farm has a great variety when it comes to floral design and decoration. If you are more of the creative type and enjoy hands-on activities, visit our truck and let your floral and bouquet design skills run wild. If you would rather order your bouquet or arrangement ahead of time, order your arrangement online or send us a message via one of our social media pages. You can collaborate with our floral design team to create a stunning floral arrangement that will leave a lasting impression. 

Flowers are a very important part of our lives. Their overall beauty and underlying meanings allow us to send messages to another seamlessly.  There are so many different occasions where one could be given flowers. A bouquet of farm fresh flowers are perfect for a sick friend or family member. Celebratory roses and irises paired with a bottle of Champagne to commemorate someone’s significant milestone or promotion. A quick stop at the market to pick up a fresh bouquet from our flower truck before heading over to your significant other’s house is always a nice surprise, too. At Good JuJu Austin Flower Farm, our mission is to provide our customers with high quality, fresh flowers that are unlike anything you would find in a store. Our motivated team of local floral enthusiasts is dedicated to making beautiful flower arrangements and floral gifts to suit any occasion. With the help of our mobile vintage flower truck, we offer flower transportation and delivery services throughout Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas.  The Good JuJu Austin team also provides collaborative and quick delivery services, to ensure you get your custom floral arrangements in time for your special day. We have a wide variety of floral arrangements that we customize to your specific needs. We are committed to delivering high quality, fresh floral arrangements, all the while supporting our local agriculture workers and small business owners. 

Fresh flower arrangements are the perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you. Our groovy vintage and picturesque flower truck holds a great variety of exotic and beautiful flowers, including blooming hydrangeas, giant peonies, and some of the most uniquely colored roses on the market you can locally source. If you are interested in seeing our great selection of locally sourced or daily harvested flowers, come visit us over the weekend at one of our farmers market locations. On Saturdays, we are located at the Barton Creek Farmers Market from 9 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon. If that is not the most convenient for you, come visit us and create your custom bouquet at the Lone Star Farmers Market off of Bee Cave on Sundays from 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. Our freshly cut, locally sourced flowers are priced by the stem, so you can have complete control over your decorative floral arrangement budget. 

Natural beauty and flowers are a bigger part of our daily lives than we may realize. Scientific studies have found that the presence of plants or floral arrangements in any environment results in lower levels of stress and higher levels of happiness and calm. Whether they are brightening up your kitchen area or welcoming clients as they enter your office, floral arrangements help create a positive atmosphere. When it comes to the work environment, the simple addition of a few floral arrangements can be a very positive influence on employee performance. The positive and relaxing influences helps employees perform more efficiently and with greater attention to detail. Not only can floral arrangements lead to a more productive work environment, they elevate people’s mood and performance in any situation. So whether you want to simply brighten up a space or are committed to making someone’s day, creating a custom floral arrangement with the help of our floral design specialists is sure to bring a smile to someone’s face. 

In addition to the various ways and benefits of giving flowers to others, creating a custom floral arrangement for yourself can also be quite therapeutic and fun. Some years may not be what any of us imagined, and finding a moment to slow down and enjoy the simple joys of living in such a time is not easy. To ease the tensions from your day to day activities and responsibilities, you may discover that the benefits of flower arranging go beyond an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece. Relax as you contemplate your design, and let your imagination run free for a bit as you experiment with our selection of farm fresh flowers. In Austin, we are known for keeping things weird, so don’t be shy about putting a little bit of personality into your bouquet. It is truly wonderful the beauty that nature creates, so letting loose, and creating something that speaks to you can be a liberating flower process. You can almost lose yourself in the floral design potential that our variety of exotic flowers and top shelf pattern farmed flowers hold. We make it easy for you to design the floral arrangement of your dreams when you visit our flower truck. We supply the tools, containers, and other supplies needed when making a beautiful floral arrangement. As you make your selection of flowers, you will also learn a lot of great tips about floral arranging. We will help you create an elegant floral bouquet that leaves a meaningful mark. 

In the spirit of Christmas, we have also launched holiday wreaths in the holiday season. Yes, we have a custom wreath decorating service! The first option for our valued customers is to communicate with our design team via one of our social media pages or digital communication platforms to collaborate and create an exquisitely unique evergreen wreath, garland, or arrangement, perfect for the holiday season. If you visit our Facebook or Instagram page, you can get a feel for some of the unique decorations we have to offer. If you are interested in visiting us at one of our farmers market or pop up locations, we always have freshly made evergreen wreaths and holiday floral arrangements ready for you. You can customize your own wreath using fresh add ons and decorations. If you are aiming for a classic holiday wreath, we have a great selection of colorful ribbon, holiday berries and flowers, decorative ornaments, and much more. For a more unique holiday arrangement we offer decorative add ons ranging from fresh lavender stems picked from our Good JuJu Flower Farm homestead to tabasco peppers that just scream “Merry Christmas, Y’all!” Take some time to bring some holiday cheer into your life and that of others with either one of our custom evergreen wreaths or a personalized bouquet guaranteed to bring joy and “good juju” to everyone this season.

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