The Farmers Markets have always been a great place to find local grass-fed and free-range meats, fresh produce, honey, juices, and farm-fresh flowers. If you’re looking for local farm to table products and shopping then find us at one of our multiple farmer's markets. We do pop-up farmers' markets in both west lake and Lakeway in Austin Texas every weekend. The farmers market that is in West Lake is at the Barton creek mall.  When going to the farmers market you will have a large wonderful selection of farm-fresh flowers to pick from. A lot of the fun in the flower truck is the ability to pick your favorite flower stems as you run your eyes up and down all of the beautiful lush flowers at the farmer's market. You can pick up any and every stem that you find to your liking and build a gorgeous bouquet for a loved one, special occasion, or gift to another. Or simply one can pickup flowers for oneself. Most of our happy farmer's markets regulars use this as an opportunity to shop local, shop farm to table, and pick up farm to table flowers with the rest of their completely local shopping. Find us at a local farmers' market to truly have a farm-fresh flower experience of a lifetime. We welcome you and all of your friends!