Weddings are a special time for you and the love of your life. Your wedding will be full of friends and family that plan to join you through your life’s journey. This is why weddings have become increasingly about the photos that will capture these memories with them!

Capturing these moments in a special way is also why destination weddings have become so popular. This is because theirs a belief  that "some incredible venue or destination" would provide beautiful everlasting photos to remember the memories. With our fun candy colored vintage flower trucks you will have a perfect photo spot for all of these loving and caring people you're bringing together. This is all on your special day, we realize this is crucial which is why we have a rare 1961 1st edition ford flower truck for “Only Big Events” like your special wedding day!


image_72192707 (1)

This extremely rare 1st edition baby blue flower truck from the ’60s will ensure your wedding has amazing photos and a photo spot “like no other!” You will have everything you need and more! Your guests will be talking for weeks and weeks after your wedding too as they share stories and compare photos of the bouquets from your wedding days flower truck. These beautiful flower arrangements will also come home with them. Call us today to make sure you can book the dates for your incredible wedding day experience!