The History Of The Worlds Love For Flowers
By Cole | January 20, 2021

During a wedding consultation, the bride tells you she is going to be wearing something as extravagant as her Grandmother’s victorian style gown in most cases. A florist has to be thoughtful when selecting which flowers to select and which style of bouquet you would …

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Flower Farming
By Cole | January 15, 2021

One of the most humbling careers an individual can pursue is agriculture. Flower farmingis still farming, and farming is very hard work. No matter how much you plan and try to makeeverything play out perfectly, there is always something that is out of your control. …

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Custom Floral Arrangments
By goodjujuprod | November 10, 2020

The Good JuJu Austin Flower Farm aims to spread “good juju,” positivity, and creativity through our hands-on floral design services. All of our flowers that are grown and harvested for the farm-fresh bouquets are grown at the local Austin homestead and are cut the same …

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Why Choose Us

If you want everlasting memorable flower stems that truly stay fresh & beautiful then you’re in the right place!

Quickest Work

We ensure quick delivery for flower preorders online! If you want "so quick it's finished before your eyes" then go to the Vintage Flower Truck for upfront custom flower wrapping in minutes.

High-Quality Skills

We train and study monthly on new and improved cut flower techniques. We also heavily control each flower stem through it’s every process and lifespan down to the incredible commercial fridges we keep them in for fresh pickup.

Clean Farming

We compost 100% of all of our organic waste from our farming. We do not use any pesticides or chemicals in our farming. We continue to read stacks of books on how to better farm our land so that we're the perfect land management experts for our local Austin environment.

Proper Caretaking

Always use the gourmet plant food we supply you with for your flowers, with sensitive flower stems like peony flowers you should cut the stems every couple of days to keep them fresh too. Defer to our blog to read more flower care information.

Custom Flower Orders

Get highly customizable bouquets with just a simple form request or phone call.

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Upscale Imported And Locally Crafted Vases

We provide upscale imported and locally crafted vases.

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Flower Truck Pop-Ups And Parties

You can call to ask for the dates and to get a party flower budget quote today.

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100% Locally Farmed Farm Fresh Flower Bouquets

Ask us which flower stems are growing and in season right now.

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Locally Sourced Flower Exotics

Get the most exotic flowers you can imagine locally sourced today!

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Highly trained

We review updated floral training monthly.

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What's Our Clients Say

Let real testimonials do the speaking! Pick the best and display them in this section.

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    Nancy Jones

    I love the flowers from the Good Juju Austin Flower Farm. It's also super convenient for me to call the good juju Austin flower farm for pickup orders because their brick and mortar for bouquet pickups is 5 minutes from my office at the Domain!

  • Website Good Juju Logo FACE!

    Carmen Lee

    My name is Carmen Lee and I love the good juju Austin Flower Farm because I go to the Unversity Of Texas and their flowers get me through my hard semesters. This Christmas they gifted me rose petal ornaments with my flower orders and I have to say everyone loved it that I gave them as gifts. Thanks for always taking care of me at Good Juju Austin Flower farm and I put your sticker on my car to show my support.

  • Website Good Juju Logo FACE!

    Robert Baker

    I went out to get pizza for my wife while she was in the hospital recovering from childbirth when I saw the Good Juju Austin Flower truck on South Congress in Austin Texas. I stopped to check it out and they had the most incredible flowers I have ever seen. They helped me out by letting me surprise the love of my life. My love and mother of my children got to be surprised with flowers when she needed them most. I came back to the hospital a hero with my pizza and flowers. A month later I brought my baby with me to the Farmers Market to show my new baby boy Robvert Jr the same flowers that were gifted to him and his mother the day he was born.

  • Website Good Juju Logo FACE!

    Rachel Pascal

    I'm a big sunflower fan and the Good Juju Austin Flower Farm is always adding their huge farm-grown sunflowers into my bouquets. Last year they grew so many different exotic sunflowers and I hope they keep it up. 

Why I should choose your company?

We pride ourselves on the "Good Juju" our lovely fresh flowers and adorable flower truck spread to every smiling individual or customer we share our Good Juju Experience with. Our fresh flowers have always been boasted by our customers and loyal supporters as long-lasting and "memorably" being everlasting. Call us today if you want to chat about flower stems or to place an order.

  • Are we environmentally friendly?

    Are we environmentally friendly? This has become increasingly more important to local Texas agricultural businesses as well as to common Land Management Practices. The answer is, of course we are!!! Also because of this at the Good Juju Austin Flower Farm we compost 100% of our organic waste. We're also farming without land damaging pesticides and chemicals that hurt the land and make your flower products non-organic. We work relentlessly to make sure we improve the land in which the flowers are grown and in many cases the land has heavily recovered and benefited from the agricultural growth. We see land and micro environments splurge from the flowers and new growth, we see erosion problems swiftly leaving with the new green roots holding our Texas soil together, and we see Local bee populations swarm our flowers throughout the seasons. Yes we're "saving the bees!" there's never been a more important time to build up and save Texas's bee populations than right now.

  • What kind of flowers or services do we provide?

    Our farm-fresh bouquets are absolutely 100% locally grown. We  locally source some of our exotics as far as exotic florals go! We source extremely exotic florals hat would not normally grow here naturally. This ensures that Good Juju Austin Flower Farm customers are receiving the best quality floral service and quality flower stems possible.

  • Is The Good Juju Austin Flower Farm Charitable?

    We donate express amounts of flower stems to "Meals On Wheels" so that the people who are in need can receive them indiscriminately. We donate express amounts of flower stems locally in Austin Texas with the goal of donating thousands of flower stems a year. We also donate a 100% of the profits for an entire flower crop to "Save an Angel" & "Austin Pets Alive" out of one month of every year!