Flower farming

Our “Farm Fresh Bouquets” are 100% locally farmed by us. Although for the people who are looking for more exotics we work with local sources to provide such exotics for these happy customers. We farm as much of our flowers as we can and as many species that the Austin Texas Climate will let us. The Good Juju Austin Flower Farm starts a few thousand flowers starts in raised growing lanes in Austin Texas per growing season. In the Good Juju Austin Flower Farms raised grow lanes you will find farmed flowers such as dahlias, larkspur, strawflowers, and amaranth. The Good Juju Austin Flower Farm specializes in pasture farming celosia, coneflowers, gomphrena, and sunflowers. Lastly, the Good Juju Austin Flower Farm has multiple large rows of high-end garden roses at the homestead of every variety and color you can imagine.