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We donate thousands of flower stems a year to charity. Our goal is farm as many flowers as possible. By farming as many flowers as possible we have been able to raise many people's positive energy into something great, and making our locals here in Austin very happy. Doing all of this has shown to better help our Austin Texas community. With lots farm fresh flowers circling around the city how can there be a gloomy day? Farming as many flowers as you can is great, but also remember there are many species that can't grow in the Austin Texas Climate. So remember we're only growing whichever flowers Austin Texas will let us. For these flowers that can't be grown we locally source for you. Here at the "Good Juju Austin Flower Farm" we a few thousand or so flowers starts in raised beds  in Austin Texas every growing season. In the Good Juju Austin Flower Farms raised beds you'll see farmed flowers such as dahlias, larkspur, strawflowers, amaranth, and more! The Good Juju Austin Flower Farm also specializes in pastern farming coneflowers, gomphrena, and sunflowers. Of course we also believe in flower lane farming too, the Good Juju Austin Flower Farm has multiple large lanes of upscale garden roses at the homestead of every variety and color you can imagine. Brighten your day, week, or even month with just a simple flower order.


Custom Flower Orders

Get highly customizable bouquets with just a simple form request or phone call.

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Upscale Imported And Locally Crafted Vases

We provide upscale imported and locally crafted vases.

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Flower Truck Pop-Ups And Parties

You can call to ask for the dates and to get a party flower budget quote today.

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100% Locally Farmed Farm Fresh Flower Bouquets

Ask us which flower stems are growing and in season right now.

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Locally Sourced Flower Exotics

Get the most exotic flowers you can imagine locally sourced today!

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Highly trained

We review updated floral training monthly.

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The History Of The Worlds Love For Flowers
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Flower Farming
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One of the most humbling careers an individual can pursue is agriculture. Flower farmingis still farming, and farming is very hard work. No matter how much you plan and try to makeeverything play out perfectly, there is always something that is out of your control. At the Good JuJuAustin Flower farm, we wholeheartedly believe that …

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Custom Floral Arrangments
By goodjujuprod | November 10, 2020

The Good JuJu Austin Flower Farm aims to spread “good juju,” positivity, and creativity through our hands-on floral design services. All of our flowers that are grown and harvested for the farm-fresh bouquets are grown at the local Austin homestead and are cut the same day they are brought to market or assembled in your …

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